Nakata Hanger Engraving Services

Nakata Hanger Engraving Services

When it comes to personalising hangers, such as adding a name or branding with a house logo, there are a choice of methods. Chiefly, these include creating a branding plate (and subsequently pinning them onto the hanger), stamping, or screen printing, However, the superior method is engraving, which physically removes material from the hanger.

Hence, there is a more premium, three dimensional feel But, unlike, creating a branding plate, engraving will have to be done on each individual hanger after the staining process, which can be labour intensive. Nonetheless, at Arterton, we choose only to provide personalisation by way only of engraving, as the result is something that befits a high-end hanger.

As of last month, April 2022, we have built state of the art computer aided facility to allow for consistent engraving on most Nakata hanger models. These are powered by a 50W CO2 laser.

Nakata engraving in the UK

Image 1. Mid-engraving of the Nakata NH-2

 Branded Nakata hanger for the bespoke trade

Image 2. Branded Nakata AUT-03 for award-winning, bespoke house Whitcomb and Shaftesbury

In the UK, for trade orders, we can also provide colour filling at a surcharge, which involves applying (usually) coloured acryllic material within the cavity and then finishing off with light sanding and chemical sealing. 

 Colour filled engraving Nakata Hanger

Image 3. This is a hanger we made for intertional designer Tom Mojet, which uses gold coloured acryllic.

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