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Telescopic Umbrella

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The telescopic umbrella is a convenient carry item, as it can be retracted into a length of only 44cm. It sports a solid wood handle (Brown Maple Crook or Bamboo Whangee).

Robust against the wind, the umbrella is composed of a 10-rib strong steel frame.

Made in England.

  • Solid Wood Handle
  • 10 rib steel construction
  • 44cm in length when fully retracted
  • Contrast stitching on hem
  • Includes matching cover sleeve stored away (allows a wet umbrella to be kept separate)


  • Fabric Canopy

    Our high thread count polyester (not a bad word in the umbrella sphere) is purpose made, which is lightweight, quick to dry, and allows for water to slide off effortlessly.

  • Size Matters

    The umbrella can be retracted telescopically to a convenient size.

  • Made in England

    Tradition makes perfect. The Arterton Dismantable Umbrella is hand made by true craftspeople at the Fox Umbrella factory in England, which has a history of over 150 years.