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Paul Brunngard

Applicator Brush

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£19.50 GBP
Bristle Colour

Specialist applicator brush with an ergonomic handle made of solid walnut. The oval shape is designed for the application of wax polish and creams. Horsehair bristles are hand-binded for extra density, allowing for a more consistent application of products. 

The solid walnut handle features an integrated magnetic instruction, which allows for easy attachment to the Paul Brunngard social briefcase  

  • Durable 100% horsehair bristles
  • Ergonomic handle in solid walnut
  • Magnetic attachment

  • + Specifications

    100% horsehair

    Solid walnut handle with natural grain wood

    • Hand-attached Bristles

      In order to maximise bristle density per square inch, all bristles are hand-binded onto the solid walnut handle. This, in turn, allows for smooth and consistent brushing performance.

    • Solid Walnut Handle

      No expenses sparred. The handle of the brushes are composed of solid walnut, with a wood grain that is beautifully visible.

    • Magnetised for Purpose

      Every brush has been designed to fit snugly within special compartments in the Paul Brunngard Social Briefcase. Integrated magnets within both the social briefcase and brushes, themselves allow for a elegant method of attachment within the case.

    • For the Connoisseur

      Paradigmatic of the Paul Brunngard brand are specialist, luxury ingredients, hand-stained wood, and quality materials. All in aim for maximal performance.