Determining Your Suit Hanger Size

Determining Your Suit Hanger Size

When not worn, coats and jackets require adequate support in the shoulders to preserve the shape of garment and to avoid any unncessary stresses. If the hanger is too narrow (in width), then the shoulder of the garment may be prone to sagging over, which causes bumps along the top shoulder line.

Conversely, if the hanger is too wide, then excess pressure can be exerted on the seams, and also cause shoulder divots to develop.

Symptoms of Narrow Hanger Symptoms of Wide Hanger
  • Bumps along the top of the shoulders
  • Shoulder divots
  • Broken seams at the armhole


How to choose the right hanger for your coats and jackets

The most important points to choose your best hanger are shoulder width and thick. But, do you know how to measure the right hanger size for you? If you don't, we hope this tip helps you with your shopping in the future.

Determining the right clothes hanger length

Measuring Hanger Size

Photo Courtesy of Nakata Hanger

Step 1. For front-opening clothes, fasten the primary button and spread them out the garment in a prone position on a flat surface such as a table.

Step 2. Measure the seams on both shoulders at the back of your garment in a straight line. This length is the "shoulder width" of the garment.

Step 3. Subtract 2-4cm from the shoulder width of your clothes. This will be the best length of hanger for your garment.

Determing the right coat hanger thickness:

For outers such as coats:  A least, over 5cm in shoulder thickness
For suit jackets or odd jackets:  At least, over 3cm in shoulder thickness
For collared shirts At least, 1-2cm in shoulder thickness


Nakata Hangers

The AUT-05 is available in lengths of 400mm, 430mm, 460mm. Nakata suit and coat gangers have shoulder thicknesses of 60mm, 57mm, and 40mm. Shirt hangers have a shoulder thickness of 20mm. 

Nakata AUT-05 Sizes

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