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Dismantlable Umbrella

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Reminiscent of the scenes of James Bond, Kingsman, and The Avengers (the English one from the 60s), the Arterton Dismantlable Umbrella can be dismantled into three pieces: the solid wood handle, the ferrule (the tip), and the frame and canopy. The purpose is to ensure easier packing in one's suitcase during travel.

Made in the United Kingdom

  • Solid Chestnut or Solid Bamboo Whangee
  • Robust Brown Steel Frame
  • Polished Nickel Tipcup and Collar
  • Solid Brass Fittings
  • Fabric Canopy

+ Dimensions

Canopy Diameter 106cm
Length (Fully Assembled) 95cm
Length (Dismantled) ~69.5cm

+ Materials

Solid whangee bamboo or solid chestnut. Canopy is made of purpose-made polyester. Polished nickel tip cup and collar. Brown steel frame. Brass chains.

+ How to Dismantle

Turn the handle or ferrule counter-clockwise to dismantle from the umbrella frame and clockwise to re-attach to the frame. A brass chain-link conveniently keeps the handle and ferrule connected to the frame. However, the handle and ferrule can be folded, thereby reducing the overall length of the umbrella, rendering it packable in a suitcase or a large weekend bag.

  • Polished Nickel Tip Cup and Collar

    Unlike other umbrellas, our wooden handles are furnished with two pieces of solid nickel, which add a touch of elegance. The collar is laser engraved with the Arterton x Fox emblem.

  • Dismantlable Design

    The handle and ferrule of the umbrella can be dismantled from the frame, allowing one to drastically shorten the umbrella when packing for a trip.

  • Fabric Canopy

    Our high thread count polyester (not a bad word in the umbrella sphere, mind you) is purpose made, which is lightweight, quick to dry, and allows for water to slide off effortlessly.

  • Made in England

    Tradition makes perfect. The Arterton Dismantlable Umbrella is hand made by true craftspeople at the Fox Umbrella factory in England, which has a history of over 150 years.