Paul Brunngard Wholesale

Why Paul Brunngard for Wholesale?

  • Setting a New Gold Standard

    Join us as we usher in a new era of ultra-luxury shoe care. Why travel on worn paths? The Paul Brunngard collection is new and unique to the market. Solid walnut handles, integrated magnets, hand-binded bristles, and a no-expenses sparred approach are pardigmatic of this shoe care collection.

  • More Room to Breathe

    Created to be the best, the Paul Brunngard collection naturally commands a higher retail price, but this, in turn, greater profit opportunity. Our wholesale prices are competitive, as we believe in incentivising our partners.

  • Consignment

    As an introductory programme, Arterton Limited will consider consignment options subject to an application and trade reference. See below for more information.

A New Era of Luxury

Ushering in a new era of luxury shoe care for the connoisseur. The Paul Brunngard collection from Sweden hits all the right notes: hand-binded bristles, solid walnut handles, integrated magnets, and an array of waxes, creams, and shines formulated for the shoe community. There is no compromise

Care for some "spit"?

. Formulated in Sweden, the new "Spitshine" -- named as a homage to the military tradition of shoeshining -- allows one to build layer upon layer of smooth glassy finish to achieve a mirror-like finish. The reviving cream embodies a new gold standard for general purpose maintenance nd re-saturation – making use of vision oil for its restorative properties

The details count

As a commitment to luxury shoe care, all Paul Brunngard creams are stored in frosted tempered glass containers to avoid metal leaching from tin or aluminum containers.

2023 Consignment Programme

  • Open to the UK trade. Items must be displayed in the retail shop/storefront.

  • Consignment of Paul Brunngard Shoe Care for 4 months or more.

  • Can make post-hoc purchases; and settle sold stock a two monthly basis

  • No Purchase Necessary

  • Subject to Application and Trade Reference

  • Wholesale Pricing

    Wholesale Pricing

    As an Arterton partner, you will receive special pricing that gives you room to breathe.

  • UK Point of Service

    UK Point of Service

    UK stock. Next day deliveries.

    No customs, no freight charges, and benefit from our importation economies of scale.

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