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Paul Brunngard

Paul Brunngard Starter Kit

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The Paul Brunngard Starter Kit consists of:

  • 3 Artistic Creams (Black, Medium Brown, Neutral)
  • 3 Sublime Waxes (Black, Medium Brown, Neutral)
  • 1 Reviving Cream
  • 1 Spitshine (Neutral)

The reviving cream is an all-rounder that cleanses and provides general nourishment to the leather.

Step one of luxury shoe care involves applying the Artistic Cream, which is a pigmented formulation that restores and re-pigments leather. The second step is to apply the Sublime Wax, which yields a patina and subtle gloss. Lastly, the Spitshine is for the enthusiast to achieve a further shine. The Spithine, itself, is of a hard structure which allows for one to build successive layers of gloss for a very polished finish.

Made in France.

  • Making a Difference

    Formulated to reinvigorate smooth leather.

  • Fit for Purpose

    The tempered glass container sits flush within the Paul Brunngard social briefcase.