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Paul Brunngard

Paul Brunngard Starter Kit

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The Paul Brunngard Starter Kit consists of:

  • 3 Artistic Creams (Black, Medium Brown, Neutral)
  • 3 Sublime Waxes (Black, Medium Brown, Neutral)
  • 1 Reviving Cream
  • 1 Spitshine (Neutral)

The reviving cream is an all-rounder that cleanses and provides general nourishment to the leather.

Step one of luxury shoe care involves applying the Artistic Cream, which is a pigmented formulation that restores and re-pigments leather. The second step is to apply the Sublime Wax, which yields a patina and subtle gloss. Lastly, the Spitshine is for the enthusiast to achieve a further shine. The Spithine, itself, is of a hard structure which allows for one to build successive layers of gloss for a very polished finish.

Made in France.

  • The Ultra-Luxury Difference

    The Paul Brunngard Creams and Waxes have been formulated by Swedish Shoeshining Champion to reinvigorate and rejuvenate smooth leather.

  • Recommended by the Experts

    The Paul Brunngard Collection has been formulated with the help of Swedish Shoeshining Champion, Mr. Anders Sundstrom. And recommended by American shoe expert, Justin Fitzpatrick (The Shoe Snob).

  • Fit for Purpose

    The tempered glass container sits flush within the Paul Brunngard social briefcase.

  • For the Connossieur

    Paradigmatic of the Paul Brunngard brand are specialist, luxury ingredients, hand-stained wood, and quality materials. All in aim for maximal performance.