Our Savile Row Talk for the Sotheby's Institute of Art

Our Savile Row Talk for the Sotheby's Institute of Art

In February 2023, we hosted a talk on British bespoke tailoring for the Sotheby's Institute of Art, and we explained the craft behind bespoke suits.  In particular, we had on display a beautiful Maurice Sedwell suit.

Bespoke Maurice Sedwell 24k Gold at Arterton Showroom

Image 1. Special Comission Maurice Sedwell Suit

Made for a special VIP client, this suit employs a special comission cloth from Scabal. Look very closely, one will see subtle name monogramming in pure gold. From afar, the monograms appear as an elegant vertical stripe pattern from afar.

Gold Monogramming from Scabal

Image 2. Pure gold Monogrammign

The suit is shown here on our Nakata AUT-03 hangers, made especially for Maurice Sedwell.

Maurice Sedwell Hanger AUT-03

Image 3. Savile Row Suit on Nakata Hanger

One good question that we were asked during our talk for the Sothebys Institute of Art is how one is to evaluate a good product.

Sothebys Art Institute on Savile Row

Image 4. Students of the Sotheby's Art Institute admiring the Maurice Sedwell Suit

Our answer was simple in one sense: a well-made product ought to balance both aesthetic and functional requirements. However, it is more challenging to determine what these requirements are; nonetheless, we emphasised that the requirements would highly depend on the product and intended client.

Arterton Sotheby's Talk

Image 5. Explaining the importance of bespoke

Sotheby's Institute of Art runs programmes for young adults who are looking to explore careers in fashion and art.

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