Personalised Garment Bag Arterton

Personalised Garment Bags

After many requests, Arterton has recently begun offering personalisation services on all our Signature Garment Bags in our UK workshop. This allows for our clients to add a personal touch to their bags. 

We have elected to utilise high-gauge Madeira Rayon thread, which is either offered in white or a colour that "matches the colour group" of the bag. For example, on our Chocolate Brown bags, we can embroider in white or a darker shade of Brown which provides a subtle contrast.

White Embroidery Thread
Coloured Embroidery Thread
Assortment of Colours


Personalised Garment Bag Product Page Screenshot

Image 1. Signature Garment Page Product Page


Our industrial 6 needle machines allow for us to stitch to the high-density required for monogramming. Common choices for embroidery on our bags include:

  1. Inititals
  2. Intialised Given Name + Surname
  3. Description of Intended Garment 



Image 2. Personalised Signature Garment Bag

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