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Nakata Hanger

Giorno Valet Stand

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Made in Japan, this full-feature valet stand has a contoured shoulder area for hanging jackets, a valet tray at the top for watches, cufflinks, and other items, two trouser bars, and an elevated shoe rack area that encourages breathability of both the uppers and soles.

+ Specifications

Made in Japan. European Beechwood. Steel hardware fittings.

+ Dimensions

 Height 1200mm
Width 430mm
Depth 330mm
  • The Rolls Royce of Hangers

    Make no mistake about it. Nakata Hangers, a Japanese firm as old as the Taisho period, represents the pinnacle of Japanese woodworking. Even the faintest hairlines of wood grain are taken into consideration. The end result is craftsmanship that is simply astounding.

  • Used Amongst the Best

    As a enthusiast favourite, the Nakata Valet Stand is used by a number of Savile Row houses.

  • Contouring Like No Other

    Due to the individual manner by which each hanger is produced, the level of contouring imparted on the neck and shoulders of the hangers preserves even the most delicate of garments and encourages their breathability.

  • The Savile Row Choice

    Arterton now makes and supplies custom Nakata hangers to over half of Savile Row.

  • Japanese Craftsmanship Since 1946

    Nakata has been around for nearly a century, crafting high-end hangers using traditional Japanese tools. Today, they continue to bring merge traditional with modern techniques of production in order to produce the world's finest hangers.

About Nakata Hanger

Nakata is a champion of traditional Japanese values of artisanry and a personal admiration for the items that they craft.

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