something to be desired, from mid-17th century Latin

Who We Are

In short, Arterton is a London-based design atelier of sartorial and lifestyle "desiderata". Our modus operandus is creating fine goods that sell on their own accord. And hence, our vision is two-fold:

  1. Keep our selection small, so that we can refine our focus to articulated designs and proper craftsmanship that bring value to sartorial enthusiasts.

  2. Steer away from the usual and, instead, aim to innovate on classic designs. After all, we are, first and foremost, a design firm and atelier, rather than a stock-holding department store or reseller.

Our Design Philosophy

In developing a good product, there appears to be two approaches stemming from opposite directions, which, dare we say, are equally valid. The first is to proceed from a marketing perspective, which is to discover lacunae on the market and then aim to fill those gaps. No doubt, this is the preferred method of a savvy entrepreneur.

The second is to approach product development simply from design; that is -- to attempt to create a quality product that embodies practical, functional, and aesthetic value.

At Arterton, we found it easier to create from design. After all, we believe that if a product is really good, then it will sell itself. Cue our latest innovation: the Arterton Signature Garment Bag. Made of the heftiest double waxed cotton, 12oz, available on the market and boldly features a unique double-zip opening for easy insertion and retrieval. Greater production costs -- yes ; but, in the name of design , worth it for the sartorial enthusiast.

With one foot in the industrials, and the other in academia, William has been a long-time admirer of relaxed tailoring. During his PhD at Cambridge and unhappy with that which was available on the market, he began to comission a number of bespoke garment bags and umbrellas. This turned out to be the catalyst for Arterton.

Our conception is based on a spin on an old adage. We call it "if you want something made well, make it yourself".

Signature Garment Bag


Dismantlable Umbrella