Arterton and Nakata Featured on Robb Report

Arterton and Nakata Featured on Robb Report

At Arterton, we make a point of curating high-end care product for the shoe and sartorial enthusiast.

In a recent Robb Report article, the menswear writer, Mr. Alex Freeling, offers his expertise on how to take care of tailoring and knitwear. Naturally, care products play an intergral

Well-proportioned hangers play a role in (a) offering support for the shoulders, as well as allow the collar of a bespoke jacket to hang naturally. The Nakata AUT-05 comes in three standard lengths: 400mm, 430mm, and 460mm.

If a hanger is too long, then the hanger can exert too much pressure on the shoulder seams. We find that the 400mm are optimal for persons of a smaller stature, and some women.

Nakata AUT-05 Available at Arterton London

Image 1. The Nakata AUT-05. Available exclusively in the UK at Arterton.


We are ultimately pleased that Nakata, Arterton, and our good friends at The Valet. Alex Freeling also interviews vetern pro, Mr. Tom Beecroft (of the Valet). Tom comments that "Dry cleaning a suit is often unnecessary". 

We agree with Tom, and we would recommend that dry cleaning is saved for only the more extreme soilage,since its harsh chemicals can damage the cloth and do little at removing human moisture such as sweat. Rather, a sponge and press will often both better clean garmentsm as well as preserve the nature of the fabric.

Image 2. Mr. George Varnava of The Valet pressing a jacket by hand.


The Valet are based in London and are the go-to service providers in the trade. They also serve the general public


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