Arterton Garment Bag
Arterton Garment Bag

Signature Garment Bag

British design, travel-ready with sartorial details.
Arterton Dismantable Umbrella

Dismantlable Umbrella

Feeling like Bond? The British umbrella that can be taken anywhere.

Signature Shoe Bag

Clothing Care



The Art of Desiderata

To craft something truly genuine requires three ingredients, which are so often missing: a sound design, quality materials, and proper craftsmanship.

At Arterton, we shy away from manufactured, glossy prints and, instead, focus on the basic ingredients. We believe that fine goods, when created well, sell on their own accord. We call this the art of desiderata.

Award-Winning Craft

Our leathermaking artisans have been recognised for their work.

The Leathersellers' Company Award

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