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Clothes Doctor

Cedar Knitwear Mist Spray

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This Knitwear Mist in Cedarwood and Vanilla is naturally scented to help rejuvenate your best-loved knitwear.

The natural cedarwood fragrance provides a natural deterrent to pesky moths and wards them off, in order to protect your garments. Spray regularly onto cashmere, wool, or cotton.

Made in Britain. Light-weight eco-friendly aluminum container (250ml).

+ How to Use

Spray regularly onto wool, cashmere, or cotton knitwear in order to refresh your previous garments The natural cedar scent also wards off moths.

+ About the Clothes Doctor Brand

Ever since their conception, Clothes Doctor has been on a fully-fledged crusade to promote eco-friendly and sustainable products that prolong the life of quality garments. Testament to this is their aluminum bottles and specially devised formulas that are gentle on clothing.