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Paul Brunngard

Sublime Wax

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The luxury wax polish for smooth leather shoes. Developed in Sweden to give a high gloss and fine patina.

At the same time, the wax provides nourishment and natural protection against moisture and dirt. Contains a carefully selected mix of natural ingredients such as, carnauba wax to give an exceptional shine, beeswax and rose wax to nourish and protect. Sublime Wax is advantageously used together with our Spitshine to give optimal shine.

Designed in Sweden. Made in France.

  • Gives a high gloss and fine patina
  • Restores color and nourishes
  • Provides protection against moisture and dirt
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Contains natural ingredients

+ Ingredients


Beeswax, rose wax, carnauba wax, and others
  • Making a Difference

    Formulated to reinvigorate smooth leather.

  • Fit for Purpose

    The tempered glass container sits flush within the Paul Brunngard social briefcase.