11th February 2023, Paul Brunngard Open Day at 20 Savile Row

11th February 2023, Paul Brunngard Open Day at 20 Savile Row

Discover a new era of luxury at 20 Savile Row, on Saturday, 11th of February. We will be serving a full coffee menu at our barista open bar and offering free shoe-shining to all patrons.

20 Savile Row Arterton Showroom

Mr. Anders Sundstrom will be at your service with our new Eames-inspired shoe-shining podium. Join us at The Arterton Seasonal Showroom, 20 Savile Row. These days, Mr. Sundstrom prefers to use a dabble of high mineral content water, as opposed to spit, applied at select times of the shoe-shining process. The key is to generate the right amount of friction in order to seal in a layer of gloss. This, then allows for the next later to be built on top without cracking. And, voila -- a high gloss mirror shine. 

Mr. Anders Sundstrom

The Spitshine: Before and After

 A before and after. The Paul Brunngard "Spitshine", aptly named after the military tradition has been designed with shoe enthusiasts in mind. The formulation allows for a mirror-like gloss to be built layer upon layer without cracking, 

Paul Brunngard Collection

The ultra-luxury Paul Brunngard collection is the highest-end of shoe care available on the market today. Designed in Sweden, the collection makes use of solid walnut, integrated magnets, luxury ingredients, and Yak hair.  The Arterton Seasonal Showroom (20 Savile Row) is open from Monday-Friday, 11am to 6pm, and Saturday's 11am to 3pm. 


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