Paul Brunngard: A New Era of Shoe Care

Paul Brunngard: A New Era of Shoe Care

We are pleased to announce the introduction of Paul Brunngard ultra-luxury shoe care products in the UK. Over the last year, our clients have made it very clear to us that they seek a shoe care line which matches the level of our Nakata hangers and garment bags. Hailing from Sweden, the Paul Brunngard collection makes use of solid walnut wood, integrated magnets, luxury ingredient not found elsewhere (e.g. rosewax), and tempered glass containers, which avoids metal contamination into the wax.

The Artistic Creams

Artistic Cream Ingredients

Available in six different colours, the Paul Brunngard artistic cream restores, saturates, and gives a subtle shine to smooth leather shoes. Formulated in Sweden and made in France, the ingredient list comprises of some luxuries not seen elsewhere, most notably, rose wax, carnauba wax, and vision oil. The three work together to nourish and moustiruse the leather, whilst adding pigementation. This is a recommended product after the reviving cream.


The Sole Edge Iron

Paul Brunngard Sole Edge Iron

This is a new tool, which will be right up any shoe enthusiast's alleyway. The Sole Edge Iron made of solid walnut and relies on reptitive frictional force to generate heat as to re-address the edge of the soles. It is akin to a traditional cordwainer's hot edge iron, which is normally used to shape the sole edge from scratch. The Paul Brunngard Sole Edge Iron, on the other hand, does 80% of the job and is intended for home use.

The Reviving Cream

Paul Brunngard Reviving Cream

A new gold standard for an all-round cream, which plays a similar role to the popular Saphir Renovateur. Intended for smooth leather, the Paul Brunngard Reviving Cream is intended for cleaning and reconditioning smooth leather uppers. The shea butter and rose wax nourish and moisturise leather to bring them back to life. 


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