The Nakata Art Display Unveiling Event: Recapping the Evening

The Nakata Art Display Unveiling Event: Recapping the Evening

On the 27th of January 2023, we unveiled the Nakata Art Display at 19 Savile Row and 20 Savile Row (The Arterton Seasonal Showroom). The purpose of the display is to champion the sartorial arts, by way of a number of limited edition hangers.

In particular, the exhibition seeks to highlight the various steps of the production process as well as the functional features of these luxury hangers.

Various Stages of the NH-2

Image 1. Various Stages of Carving the NH-2

The above image shows the production process of the flagship NH-2 hangers . These hangers are hand-planed from a single block of wood using a traditional Japanese tool called the Nankin kanna. As opposed to mechanical sanding, hand-planing allows for the grain of the wood to be preserved, thereby allowing it to be visible even after staining.

The shape of each Nakata hanger is optimised to preserve the structure of your suit, coat, or jacket. Looking from the top-down, it emulates the natural human curvature and even creates volume within the garment when hung to encourage ventilation.

Top Down view of the NH-2

Image 2. Top Down View of the NH-2

In order to celebrate the British tradition of bespoke suiting, the canonical Savile Row street sign was hand-painted on a second Wajima hanger by Okagaki-san and proudly put on display. All Wajima limited editions are available on special commission from Arterton for £1400 each.

Wajima NH-2 Hanger

Image 3. Special Edition NH-2

The unveiling event was in full attendance; each of the 125 guests received a token to redeem a courtesy Nakata hanger at The Arterton Seasonal Showroom (20 Savile Row).

Following the public unveiling event, a private reception and dinner was held at a nearby private members club for select clients of Arterton. Those from Hackett, Huntsman, Norton & Sons, Cad & the Dandy, Whitcomb & Shaftesbury, and Maurice Sedwell were in attendance.

Unveiling Event

Image 5. Cad and the Dandy at the Nakata Art Display Event

Arterton Unveiling Event of Nakata Hangers

Image 6. Kimberley Lawton and Brit Bones at the Nakata Art Display EventArterton Private Dinner for Savile Row

Image 7. Savile Row Cutters at the Arterton Private Dinner

Edmond Kamara at the Arterton Private Dinner

Image 8. Edmond Kamara at the Arterton Private Dinner

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