Nakata Hangers for Niwaki Chiltern St

Nakata Hangers for Niwaki Chiltern St

Arterton were pleased to be able to make up a number of our Japanese Nakata hangers for Niwaki.

Nakata hanger for Niwaki (Chiltern St)

Image 1. Nakata AUT-05 Hanger with the Niwaki Incan

The colloboration is fitting, for one of Niwaki's motto is "Great stuff from Japan" Simple, but factually true. Indeed, Niwaki has become the epicenter of Japanese homewares -- especially gardening tools, woodworking tools, and kitchen knives.

We were recently at Chiltern St showroom to help photograph some of their wares, including their new Daikiba Sacateurs

niwaki gardening shears

Image 2. Sacateurs

Nakata trousers hangers for Niwaki store

Niwaki Chiltern StNiwaki Chiltern St Store Interior

Urushi Hanger at Niwaki Showroom

Niwaki Chiltern St Team

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