Yearn Shoemaker Teardown Review by Dan Watkins

Yearn Shoemaker Teardown Review by Dan Watkins

It's not everyday that a manufacturer is happy for a transparent dissection of its products.  But in a bid to demonstrate the quality of our shoes, Arterton and Yearn has partnered with Dan Watkins of Tring Shoe Repair to take an in-depth look at the construction, materials, and details of the OXF 719.

The result is an entertaining and informative video -- no doubt due to Dan's natural charm. The video has garned over 50 thousand views in the short time it's been published.

Dan Examines the OXF 719 From Yearn

Image 1. Dan examines the leather uppers, which are sourced from the Weinheimer tannery

"Made in China" has almost become bad epiphet and conjures up notions of poor quality. In truth, we submit that whether a particular make produces quality goods is dependent on a set of individualised factors specfic to that workshop, and not the country in which they are located. Some Chinese workshops are bad, and some are better.

Thus, we are very honoured for "Dan the Cobbler" to do a teardown revealing the guts and construction of our very own RTW pair of OXF 719 -- a wholecut patina oxford from Yearn Shoemaker.

Removing Yearn Sole

 Image 2. Dan removes the sole of the OXF719 to take a closer look.

Yearn Shoemaker Handwelt Teardown

Image 3. Removing and examiming the superior hand-welt.

Watch Dan's video here:
 Very informative and entertaining! Thanks Dan!
Yearn Shoemaker OXF 719
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