Designing The Hackett Savile Row Garment Bag

Designing The Hackett Savile Row Garment Bag

We were tasked with creating the ultimate garment bag for the bespoke suits from Hackett, 14 Savile Row. Juan Carlos Benito Jorge is the current head cutter, and they have a number of high profile clients.

In designing the right garment bag for their needs, we opted for a 10oz wingle waxed cotton in order to provide both breathability and protection. Suits and other garments do well when they can ventilate, even when stored inside a garment bag. Synethic cloths like nylon do not allow for garments to breathe.

Hackett Garment Bag Tug of War

The additional light wax on the exterior of the bag, allows for water resistance, The idea is that larger water droplets cannot permeate through the bag, whilst smaller air molecules can.

The gussets are also reinforced, which prevents physiscal trauma and prevents the suits from being crushed. The garment bag itself is tapered, being wider at the top, and smaller at the bottom.

 The Hackett bag is based on our best-selling Signature Garment Bag

Arterton Signature Garment Bag for Savile Row

Hackett opted for the following features

  • Metallic zips
  • 10oz Single Waxed Cotton
  • Leather trimmings
  • Leather handles 
  • Additional leather patch for Embossing of client initials
  • External patch pocket

The Hackett bag features an external patch pocket with metallic zips. The pocket, itself, has a passport slip.

 Hackett Garment Bag Arterton

We also make the hangers for the bespoke division of Hackett at 14 Savile Row. The Nakata AUT-05 is available here.

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