Crafting Traditional Boots: Bridlen

Crafting Traditional Boots: Bridlen

As traditional shoemakers, Bridlen are noted for their focus on employing classic shoemaking techniques such as Goodyear channel welting, stitching directly onto the insole, and hand-lasting.

The Chukka boots are lined with suede from the English tannery C.F. Stead. With these particular pair of boots, Bridlen elects for a 360 degree welt along a channel in order to directly stitch onto the insole. It is a bit more labout intensive, but the the result is a stronger and, in actuality, a more flexible shoe.

The reason for its flexibility is because the ribbed cotton used in ordinary shoes is no longer required. Rather the welt is stitched directly, leather to leather.

Bridlen Chukka boots

Bridlen was pioneered by Mr. Hasan and Mr. Watanabe, Bridlen brings together a Japanese take on beautifully shaped dress shoes with traditionally classic, no cut corners, shoemaking techniques.

 Bridlen Shoemaking Lasts

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