Savile Row Limited Edition Nakata Hanger

Savile Row Limited Edition Nakata Hanger

In celeberation of our recent successes in gaining recognition on the row, where many of the houses now use our hangers, Arterton, Nakata, and Senshudo have partnered together to create a limited edition Savile Row hanger. For just as much as the hangers serve a function, we view our work as art.

Image 1. Hand-painted Savile Row Limited Edition Nakata Hanger

This particular piece is one of many pieces to be displayed in the upcoming Arterton Showroom in Westminster, as well as at the special “Nakata Art Display” event in The Service’s new premises on Savile Row. The Service is a lifestyle store and café that celebrates many of the virtues surrounding Savile Row. Naturally, our hangers fit right in and this event will coincide with their The Service’s launch later this year.

 The Service Savile Row

Image 2. The Service on Savile Row

The Wajima lacquer is a traditional process, which originates in Wajima city. There is also much history behind this process, whereby undercoats, overcoats, and, of course, the painting powder is meticulously prepared using again traditional methods.

A primary ingredient of the lacquer is that which we call “Ichibenchi”.  his substance lends strength to the undercoat and is almost exclusive to the region surround Wajima city (and hence, no surprise that the art originates from this area).  In total, there are at least 124 processes, from start to finish. But chiefly amongst these processes is Okagaki-san, who pain-staking hand paints a desired image (in this case, the infamous Savile Row sign) on the hanger.

Image 3. Wajima Lacquer Process

Limited Edition Savile Row Hanger

Image 4. The Nakata Savile Row Limited Edition Hanger

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