What are the travel features of a good garment bag?

What are the travel features of a good garment bag?

A garment bag, or suit carrier, offers the primary function of protecting your best-loved garments (whether they be suits, jackets, dresses, or coats) from dangers such as dust, water damage, and physical abrasions. Much of this protection is needed during travel, and not just general storage purposes. There are, however, a number of important features (sometimes, overlooked) that are important for travel.

 1. Weight: "Its all about the fabric"

This is a tricky one, because whilst one would want the bag to be as light-weight as possible, features such as pockets, zips and water resistance tends to add weight. The truth is that electing a weight is a fine balance between various considerations.


Image 1. Signature Garment Bag in Navy

For example, we have designed our Signature Garment Bag to be an ultimate product, by furnishing with a great number of features including a double-zip opening. Whilst this has garnered a British Design patent, it can be a lot to travel.

In contrast, our city garment bag retains many of these features but elects to use a 10oz linen fabric. This linen is incredible lightweight and offer substantial weight-savings. The only downside is that it is not water resistant, since it is not waxed.

Image 2. Garment Bag Fabric

2. Portability and handle comfort

There are various ways to carry a garment bag.

2a. By the hook

Some garment bags are carried by the hook. This has the advantage of being able to support the 

However, there are two obvious downsides. Generally, this is not comfortable. and, secondly, should there be more than one hanger, this can be a very difficult, if impossible feat. Imagine grasping three hanger hooks at the same time. We do not recommend this.

2b. By fabric of leather straps that are stitched directly onto the bag. This is a step up from carrying a garment bag by the hook. This offers an increase in comfort for the user.

However, one issue that can occur is that the garments then can slip down and fall to the bottom of the bag and wrinkle.

Our travel handles are made in the UK and feature a hanger loop, which allows the hanger hooks to pass through. This keeps the garments 

 Made in UK Travel Handle Arterton

Image 3. Made in UK Travel Handle

Image 4. Arterton Luggage Attachment for Garment Bags (coming soon)

3. Functional Pockets and Passport Slip

Our new City Garment Bag has a zippered front pocket with a passport slip compartment. This allows one to convenient store a passport, keys and even a  tablet, should they be inclined.

Garment Bag Passport Slip

Image 5. Passport Slip in our City Garment Bags

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