Arterton Red Carpet Opening (Feb 2024)

Arterton Red Carpet Opening (Feb 2024)

We were honoured to joined by many of our partners and friends on the 9th of February to celebrate a new milestone.  With the launch of our new retail capacities (Showroom and Lounge), we hosted a party in the historic corridor of the Princes Arcade. Music, bubbles, and canapes were

Guests were free to explore the Arterton Showroom, as well as the Arterton lounge.


Image 1. The Arterton Lounge (13 Princes Arcade)

We aim to establish the Arterton Showroom and Lounge as a hub for fellow sartorial and shoe enthusiasts.

We thank all our partners and friends for celebrating with us and we look foward to our continual support of the trade.

 Arterton Private Event

Image 2. A round of canapes

 Arterton Party

 Image 3 Arrival of Guests


Tom B

Image 4. Mr. Tom B of The Valet

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