Behind the Scenes Filming on Savile Row

Behind the Scenes Filming on Savile Row

Arterton were recently in the Savile Row area to document and film the craftsmanship behind making a bespoke suit. We supply high-end Nakata hangers for many houses in the trade, since the hangers are meant for sartorial enthusiasts. 

The footage is shot, in the first instance, for a department of the Japanese government, JETRO, who are making a short Japanese video documentary on Nakata Hanger and their international business presence.

We visited two notable bespoke tailor houses in order to highlight the craft of British bepsoke tailoring.

Whitcomb and Shafesbury

Known for their guidance in offering quality advice to clients, W&S is headed by two twin brothers, Suresh and Mahesh Ramakrishnan. They are joined by a veteran team of talented craftspeople: Sian, John, Bob, and Richard.

Just last year, they have won the Permanant Style Artisan of the Year 2021 award.

Image 1. Sian, the head cutter of Whitcomb and Shafestbury, is seen "cutting".

The showroom is found on the 3rd floor of 11 St George Street, overlooking the nearby St Georges' church which is known for its neoclassical columns. As you enter the Whitcomb and Shaftesbury showroom, you are greeted by the light music (usually, smooth classic Jazz) played on a pair of Sonus Faber speakers -- a light, elegant touch that the owner Suresh adds to the space. 

Another one of these "touchpoints", as Suresh likes to call them, is a beautiful oak-paneled fitting room.

Image 2. The Fitting Room. Screen capture from our 6K footage.


Maurice Sedwell


Image 03. The Nakata AUT-03 for Andrew Ramroop OBE, master tailor of Maurice Sedwell

The pioneer of "Ultra Bespoke" tailoring, Maurice Sedwell has been a regular staple on the row since 1938. The house is headed by Andrew Ramroop OBE who is known for his master tailoring, as well as efforts in tailoring education. The latter has been recognised in the form of an OBE from the Queen. His educational vessels include the Savile Row Bespoke Academy and ARTS.


Video 01. Clip of Showroom Portrait depicting Andrew Ramroop receiving his OBE from Queen Elizabeth II

Andrew is joined by a team of talent, some of which he has taught personally. These include, Roger Kearey (Head Cutter), Alex Cornwell, Judith Ekblom and more.

Image 04. Judith, winner of the "Silver Shears" award, in action


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