Nakata Hanger

Kanpeki (完璧) means perfection in Japanese.

There are a few words that come to mind with Nakata Hanger. And, Kanpeki is certainly one of them. Since 1946, Nakata Hanger presents the pinnacle of the art of Japanese woodworking. Each hanger is meticulously cut from European wood stock, machined, and, then, shaped ergonomically with hand tools in Japan.

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A Matter of Fit

Sartorial enthusiasts know that a well-shaped hanger preserves and reconditions garments after each wear. And, there is only one way for the collar of, say, a fine suit to be supported perfectly, and that is to finely contour the neck of each hanger by hand. To avoid localised fabric stretching or shoulder dimpling, the thick shoulder bars of the hangers ensure there is no unnecessary wear on the garment.

Crafted with Heart

Step onto the Nakata workshop floor in Hyogo prefecture and one immediately notices something different in the air. Each artisan embodies the company-wide mantra of "crafting with heart".

Arterton Signature Hangers

Arterton by Nakata

Discover our Signature Colour collection. Each hanger is stained with a water-based solution and then finished with speciality lacquer, resulting in a unique aesthethic feel.

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