OEM Premium Garment Bags for Savile Row

OEM Premium Garment Bags for Savile Row

Savile Row, or, more accurately, the Savile Row area is a British icon, which is recognised for its concentration of high-end bespoke tailoring houses. Almost all tailor houses in the area offer hand-padded canvases, pattern cutting from scratch, and multiple fittings.

The area hosts the likes of Huntsman, Whitcomb & Shaftesbury, Henry Poole, Richard James, Thom Sweeney, Steed, et cetera. Tailor houses are often located on the ground floor, whilst many of the tailor's workshops are still found upstairs in the heart of Mayfair.

In addition to our Signature Garment Bag, we are proud to be garment bag OEM (original manufacturer) for select number of these tailor houses. We customise according to colour, fabric, pattern and more. Fancy a hidden compartment?

Bespoke Tailoring Garment Bag Wholesale

Image 1. Arterton Sartorial Garment Bag with Pocket and Custom Logo 

The above garment bag is made up of linen and stores up to three garments. For the particular tailor house, in question, we added a front pocket, which contains a passport slip compartment, and a stamped leather patch on the front. 

Wholesale Pricing Customisation


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