Discover Arterton's Dismantlable Umbrellas

Discover Arterton's Dismantlable Umbrellas

We all know how crazy London’s Weather can be! With its magical ability to change drastically throughout the day, it's important that we all carry around functional accessories to ease our days. It’s essential to carry with you an umbrella that not only protects you from the rain but serves as an addition to your outfit.

Arterton London focuses heavily on craftsmanship and our strong commitment to our customers in creating stylish and functional bespoke products. The Dismantlable Umbrella was created with this in mind and more. With its inspiration deriving from the scenes of Kingsman, James Bond and the 1960’s version of Avengers, it parallels between modern class and old-school sophistication. The length of the Dismantlable Umbrella when fully assembled sits at 95cm, however, to allow for easy storage, hand luggage and travel convenience; the dimensions when unassembled sit at 69.5cm. This takes into consideration 25.5cm to be added and subtracted at the customer's leisure. 


In addition, our Dismantlable Umbrellas are made with a lightweight polyester that is considered extremely durable and puncture-proof. The texture of the cloth is that rain rolls right off the canopy as intended. Our Dismantlable Umbrellas are made with Solid Chestnut or Wanghee handles, a Robust brown Steel Frame, Solid Brass fittings and a Polished Nickel tipcup Collar. Both the handle and Ferrule (Tip of Umbrella), unscrew from the base and cascade away to allow for the length to be shortened and for a versatile stow away. You will no longer have to compromise size and style for an umbrella that struggles to fit into all aspects of your daily life!  

Traveling for work can be tough. This is especially true when carrying a lot of luggage to ensure you are dressed appropriately to all aspects of your environment. The Dismantlable Umbrella eliminates the hassle of hand luggage and stow away luggage benefits and cons to which eases your travel and inconveniences. 

The Dismantlable Umbrella comes in three colours with two handle options to maximise your ability to match your everyday attire to the functional accessories that you carry day-to-day. These colours consist of Green, Navy and Chocolate Brown all with contrast stitching. Each handle is also unique and different for each umbrella, this is because the material is a natural fibre derived from a sustainable source and is not printed onto plastic or any factory-made material


Arterton London produces well crafted bespoke accessories to give our customers the best quality items and service. We keep our selection small to refine our designs and steer clear from the usual; continuously innovating and providing modern and traditional craftsmanship and designs to our customers. 

Get ahead of the storm with our diligent and stylish umbrellas and shop with this link.

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