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Paul Brunngard

Yak Hair Shoe Brush

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£48.75 GBP

A luxury solid walnut brush with Yakhair bristles. The Yakhairs are extra soft and are meant for those special polishing tasks, where the result is to be ultra-smooth and consistent. The design comprises stiffer goat hair outers giving the Yakhair in the centre more support.

All bristles are hand-binded for density.  Additionally, the handle features embedded magnets that allow for easy attachment to the Paul Brunngard valet case or alternative magnetic surfaces.

Designed in Sweden.

  • Densely hand-binded with goat hair outers for structure and Yakhair inners
  • 175mm (length) and 55mm (width) handle, 30mm bristle depth
  • Handle in solid walnut
  • Integrated magnets within the walnut handle for convenient attachment


    • Hand-attached Bristles

      In order to maximise bristle density per square inch, all bristles are hand-binded onto the solid walnut handle. This, in turn, allows for smooth and consistent brushing performance.

    • Solid Walnut Handle

      No expenses sparred. The handle of the brushes are composed of solid walnut, with a wood grain that is beautifully visible.

    • Magnets for a Perfect Fit

      Every brush has been designed to fit snugly in the Paul Brunngard Social Briefcase. Integrated magnets within both the social briefcase and brushes, themselves allow for a elegant method of attachment within the case.