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Personalised Signature Garment Bag

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Our best seller was designed for the sartorial enthusiast, possessing a number of design features:
  • Unique dual-zip opening for easy garment insertion and retrieval
  • Market-leading durability, 12oz waxed cotton with reinforced gussets for structure
  • Travel-ready: Foldable and can be carried by the hook or optionally paired with the Bridle Leather Travel Handle

+ Sizing Information

 Size Regular Size Large
Length (cm) 100 132
Width (cm) 56 56
Depth (cm) 6 9
Suitable For Approx. 2 Suits or 2 Jackets or 3 Shirts Approx. 3 Suits or 2 Coats or 3 Jackets
*Size Regular is recommended for most travelling purposes.

+ Material Composition

Our bags are fashioned from 12oz double waxed cotton, which has been coated with natural paraffin oil. This adds to the durability, protective features, and aesthetics of the bag. Each bag ages naturally and uniquely to its circumstances. British design and crafted by hand in Dongguan, PR of China.

No transparent PVC plastics, which can degrade over time and cause yellowing.

Fabric 12oz Double Waxed Cotton
Trimmings Genuine Smooth Leather
Zips Solid Metal Zips and Sliders
Optional Travel Handle Bridle (3.4mm thick) (UK-Made)

+ Modular Travel Handle

The Bridle Leather Travel Handle is an optional extra that allows for the garment bag to be carried more conveniently. One handle is interchangeable between bags of various colours and sizes. Each handle is made in the UK with 3.4mm Bridle leather, which is traditionally used in British saddlery and equestrian sports, ensuring longevity.

Unlike other garment bags, the handle's proprietary design directly connects to the hangers and allows for any garments to be continually supported by the hanger.

Registered British Design Patent: 6154967

  • Fit for Savile Row

    Arterton supplies garment bags and hangers to over 70% of Savile Row.

  • Reinforced Gussets

    How does one protect beautiful spalla camica shoulders or preserve lapel roll, when garments start crowding in the closet?
    By way of reinforced gussets, we designed our bags to provide additional structure to guard against any encroachment.

  • Room for Three

    Every bag is finished with three sewn buttonholes which accomodate up to three hangers.
    Why buttonholes? Because they close naturally, when not in use, thereby preventing entry of any dust, water, or moths.

  • Water Resistance

    Each bag is composed of cotton that is double waxed with natural parrafin oils. The inter-fibre rigidity of our fabric ensures that large water droplets are not able to penetrate past the barrier, whilst air molecules are small enough to pass.

  • 12oz Waxed Cotton Fabric

    Sartorial enthusiasts know well that proper storage requires that the garment be able to "breathe", yet travel demands protection and functionality. The wax adjusts to ambient temperature, becoming softer in the summer and more wind proof in colder conditions.

Why Waxed Cotton?


The fabric is densely woven and then double waxed with parrafin oils. Unlike artificial means of waterproofing or employing plastics, the bag can be re-waxed, if need be, as per British tradition.


Waxed cotton is a natural fibre that allows for air molecules to pass through but, importantly, not larger elements such as dust and water.


Garments require protection whilst in storage and during travel. 12oz waxed cotton is incredibly hefty (market-leading, in fact) and offers all round protection. It is expected to last a lifetime.