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Arterton London

Paul Brunngard Reviving Cream Bundle

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The premium choice on the market. The reviving cream is an all-round cleansing and caring product optimized for restoring the suppleness, and saturation of leather.

Developed in Sweden, the formulation extends the life of shoes by nourishing, softening, and moisturising smooth leather. Contains natural ingredients.

The bundle consits of 3x Reviving Creams

Made in France.

  • Restores and gives shine
  • Softens and moisturizes
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • With a natural unique scent
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Easy to apply and easy to use

+ Ingredients

Rose wax, Carnauba wax, shea butter, and others

+ How to use

Brush the shoe using a general-purpose brush like horsehair. Apply the required amount on your finger or a cloth. Using either your finger or the cloth, generously condition the cream onto the shoe. The heat from your finger or that which is generated from the application itself will help the leather absorb the cream. Let stand for approximately 5-10 minutes and then use a clean horsehair brush to remove any excess.

Apply artistic cream, spitshine or sublime wax after if desired