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Arterton London

Paul Brunngard Complete Spitshine Set

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The name comes from the product's superb ability in bringing a mirror-like shine to shoes, Formulated specially in Sweden, the spitshine facilities a high-gloss appearance on smooth leather.

The wax, itself, is of a hard structure which allows for one to build repeated layers of shine.

Contains natural & vegetable hard waxes such as carnauba and balanced with soft waxes such as rose wax and beeswax which also give the leather a natural protection against moisture and dirt. 

This set comprises of one of each colour:

  • Neutral
  • Black
  • Dark Brown
  • Medium Brow


Made in France and designed in Sweden.



  • Hard wax designed for high gloss polishing and beautiful patina
  • Ultimate wax for an optimal spitshine
  • Provides natural protection against moisture and dirt
  • Contains natural ingredients


    + Ingredients


    Rose wax, Carnauba wax, shea butter, and others

    + How to use

    Apply the spitshine, only after the shoe has been cleaned and restored. Make sure the shoe is stood dry.

    Apply a measured amount of spitshine onto the fingers, cloth, or a clean applicator brush. Generously condition the spitshine wax onto the shoe. The heat from your finger or that which is generated from the application itself will help produce a shine.

    Use a shine brush to remove any excess.