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    • Clothes Doctor Stain Remover
    • Clothes Doctor Stain Remover
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Clothes Doctor

Stain Remover

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Accidents happen, whether they be wine, coffee, or spaghetti bolognese stains. The nifty No. 10 Stain Remover from Clothes Doctor gently treats the problem area, weakening the stain's bond with fibres, and allows for the stain to be washed away.

Appropriate on cotton, wool, cashmere, et cetera.

Made in Britain

+ How to Use

Time is of the essence. If you spot a stain on your clothing then it’s important to deal with it as soon as possible. Some substances will come out more easily when wet, but not when dry. Use the hottest water that the care label will allow when removing stains.

Do: Pre-soak. Apply the clothes Doctor stain remover directly on the stain and massage in gently. Leave to rest and then rinse. Repeat this on the stain as needed. When the stain is removed, proceed to wash it by hand or by machine as normal.

Don't: the stain remover on leather, suede, silk, or wool. Do not use on finished or coated surfaces – for example, wood, metals, etc.

+ Ingredients

More than 30%: oxygen-based bleaching agents.

+ About the Clothes Doctor Brand

Ever since their conception, Clothes Doctor has been on a fully-fledged crusade to promote eco-friendly and sustainable products that prolong the life of quality garments. Testament to this are their aluminium bottles and specially devised formulas that are gentle on clothing.