At the level of bespoke

  • Hand-welted

    Not all construction methods are equal. Hand-welting is by far the most time intensive, but, in contrast to machine-welting, the results are a superior shoe with a light, flexible, and comfortable construction.

  • Hand-stitched

    The outsoles are attached to the shoe by way of hand-stitches to the standard of 8 SPI. This gives room for a greater number of re-soles when compared to Goodyear welting.

  • European Trimmings

    Leather of the uppers and soles is sourced from regions Spain, Germany and Italy.

Crafted in Chengdu

"Made in China" -- not necessarily a bad word. With a cumulative experience of over 72 years, a select team of Chinese artisans produce each shoe by hand under the stylistic direction of Tim Liu and Jie Zeng -- veterens in the Chinese shoemaking industry.

A value proposition

Yearn Shoemaker is a pioneer in the recent trend towards high-end Chinese footwear. Made of the finest-materials, superior construction, and embellised with luxury details, each shoe offers impeccable value to the market.

Arterton is the exclusive distributors of Yearn Shoemaker in the UK.

Boots, Boots, Boots

Clunk, Clunk, Clunk. Who says that they
have to be heavy? Hand-welted boots are
light, comfortable and flexible.


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